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4 Best CRM Platforms Compatible With Your Drupal Website

There are more chances of using a CRM for maintaining records and keeping a track of things if you run a web platform. For this reason, Drupal revamped its web services module to simplify integration with third-party applications.

Drupal 8 now enables custom integration with any type of third-party API (Application Programming Interface). Take advantage of Drupal CRM integration by partnering with Drupal CMS site development services. Meanwhile, check out the list of four best CRM platforms to integrate with your Drupal website.


Salesforce.com is a popular cloud-based CRM for automating end-to-end sales process. It enables integration through a REST interface and offers some pre-built options for Drupal integration that includes:

  • Salesforce Suite, a module for managing authentication, pushing and pulling data between Salesforce and Drupal, mapping Drupal entities to Salesforce fields, and a legacy module that connects with Salesforce's SOAP API.
  • A basic Webform integration through a module with seemingly stalled development.
  • Springboard, a commercial Drupal distribution that couples Drupal and Salesforce into an offering specifically for not-for-profits. However, there are a number of other agencies that provide Drupal-Salesforce integration service.

Additionally, you can use the customization options provided by Drupal such as rules, views and module hooks, after your Salesforce entries are showcased as Drupal entities.

RedHen CRM:

RedHen CRM is a lightweight application with a design level similar to that of Drupal Commerce. It, therefore, uses Drupal capabilities and includes features such as contact management, customizable forms for input, engagement tracking, etc. It provides a toolkit to create the functionality for specific business requirements and is high customizable. The only drawback is that the frequency of updates is too low.


CiviCRM is a custom PHP application that integrates with Drupal quite easily. It is primarily aimed at not-for-profits but is customizable to work with commercial organizations. It offers a plethora of features and works seamlessly for functions including:

  • A direct (optional) relationship between a contact record and a Drupal user
  • Synchronization between CiviCRM groups/memberships and Drupal roles
  • Views to construct listings of CiviCRM entities
  • Webform to replace CiviCRM’s inbuilt forms
  • Rules and triggers
  • Commerce and Ubercart

CiviCRM is a great tool to manage online contacts and subscriptions. You can even make use of direct CiviCRM to build your own Drupal modules.


SugarCRM is another application that enables direct integration with Drupal through a module created by OSSCube. It offers data synchronization between Drupal and SugarCRM, webform integration to create SugarCRM entities, and field mapping between Drupal and SugarCRM entities. In addition, you can utilize its SOAP and REST APIs to create Drupal entities and LDAP to create a single sign-on between both the systems.

A Drupal based CRM is ideal as it is easier to customize them for specific requirements. Some other good CRM options to consider are Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CRM Core, and OpenCRM that are comprehensive but offer integration options limited to their ecosystem. Which CRM would you prefer to integrate with your Drupal website? Let us know in the comments below.

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Loretta H. Doss 07/10/2017 11:08

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Ramya Voka 07/10/2017 08:58

Nice Post!1